December Blog: 1st College Semester Over!

My first college semester is over where I’ve enjoyed a much needed break. There were some roller coasters during the semester, but at the end of the day I passes all of my courses that I’m ready to face more challenges. I really thought that everything was going to be difficult, and trust me it will be once I get deeper into my college experience. However, nothing’s too hard if you work hard and smart. That’s what I plan to do next semester. To work smarter by seeking more help from available resources because I know the type of courses I’ll be taking will be difficult.

I’ve had a good time this first semester where I got to learn more about myself from doing a lot of assignments. I learned that I can make it in this world if I stay consistent. I would always go the MCTC Library to relax my brain while I do one assignment at a time. It seemed that the more organized and steady work I did the better results I got opposing to doing everything all at once. Taking my finals weren’t really a huge concern because I organized my study sessions where I was able to cover everything to get prepared. More importantly I believed in myself.

I knew I tend to get into habits as I study because hard work isn’t going to be completed in one attempt. It took me several times to actually get what I’m working on that I kept practicing my brain to the point where studying got more easier. It’s definitely not easy, but the more you do the less stressed you’ll be. People say that working alone isn’t always good, but it’s a great benefactor that people should try because there’s more focus so the brain can perform one task for success.

College is basically the best time to learn due to the fact that no one cares if you fail. It doesn’t matter if you take different types of classes. College is the time where it’s good to be different because you never know if you’re going to expect which is a good thing. I also realized that the decisions you make do have a greater impact for the rest of your life. I believe the decisions I made based on my studying did impact my life where I should expect my studying skills to get better.


November Blog: Health Is Important

The month of December has reached its peak as my first college semester will soon end. There’s been a lot of interesting things that have happened to me in this first semester but I want to share the most important thing and that is health and sleep. Having a good night’s rest while eating a good source of good is the recipe to learning better and success. Though I’m doing quite well in my first semester I find myself tired, hungry, and at times having migraines. In this blog I’ll be talking about the situations towards my unhealthy 1st semester, and the solutions for a better 2nd semester and a better life beyond college.
The days where I have the worst times are Mondays and Wednesdays. The reason why these days are my worst days is because I always have to wake up at 6am where I have to get ready and leave at 6:30am to catch the bus at 6:51. My class starts at 8:00 where I’m already fatigue even if I eat something before I get to MCTC. This is an unhealthy habit that’s been going on with me ever since the semester started. In the mornings I would go to Super America to get some cookies and a soda can to go along with it. I know it’s unhealthy to begin with but the main reason why I buy them is because they are cheap. Budgeting in college is sure a hard thing to do and I’m trying my best I can to save. I know I’m consuming a lot of sugar with the cookies and soda as it creates a cause towards fatigue. Things get worse when I have to stay at school to attend my 2:30 math class since it ends at 4:45. In between my English and Math class I get to study, do homework, or get something to eat. However, I have so little money where most of my lunch comes from the vending machine which is also another unhealthy source. I either eat chips or candy. When I’m in Math class I just want the clock to go faster so I can go home and eat a real meal! This habit is kind of leading to depression and stress.
I’ve been looking for plenty of solutions, but it’s been pretty difficult. The solutions I scope are fixing my breakfast and lunch before I go to bed, getting my homework done immediately so I can make time to go to sleep, and more importantly making better food choices. I plan to find any leftovers in the fridge and fix it together so it can be ready for tomorrow that I don’t have to be rushing in the mornings. I know I wake up at 6am on Mondays and Wednesdays but it seems that I need to find a way to get my homework done quicker. I plan to go to the Library more often so I can have piece and quiet to complete my work without distractions. I plan to go on a nutritional diet as well so I can get the proper nutrients and not eat junk food for breakfast. If I follow these solutions I can have a better 2nd semester.
College is a great experience for any young adult to endure, but follow a healthy nutritional diet is the key to being active on a daily basis. And most importantly, you won’t get sick!

October Blog

The first semester is quickly winding down as I’ve realized there’s more opportunities waiting for me to pursuit them. I never knew that there could be more things that I can actually find myself thriving in. I’m of course talking about my major. There’s been representatives from Career Services at MCTC informing me about the great opportunities and assistance you can get from enrolling yourself into Career Services where you can talk about the type of majors you’re interested in. There’s majors I have an interest in such as medicine, mathematics, and even business. However, I’ve strongly opened my heart to computer science.

To be completely honest, I have no clue why I wanted to gain my interest in computer science. I have always thought it was a pretty good occupation to be in, yet I really wanted nothing to do with it. Coming to college has really made me become more open-minded and aware of the different varieties in business. I find it quite fun and astonishing. Since technology is increasing in society, computing is actually part of everything we do! Whether it involves watching a movie, TV, driving, or playing video games. Understanding different elements of computing is necessary for the 21st century.

The more I’m learning about computer science from talking to advisers and doing research, this may be the first time I’ve had an interest in science! Some details about computer science in general is that it’s disciplinary involving problem solving skills and practice. Also computer scientists must have hands-on experience. It’s good that this major requires communication skills since that’s a weakness for me. Luckily there’s a lot of mathematical skills and thinking. At the University of Minnesota I’ve read that the U has a very great computer science program as the student rate is skyrocketing. An impressive stat is that the U of M’s Science and Engineering department has received more than $35 million in new research funding, which was very intriguing.

The things that really excite me about this major is that there’s project work groups to better your communication, designing, team working, and management skills. So there’s flexibility within the computer science field. Then there’s also the fact that mentors really prepare students for competitive career positions, and academic positions. I’ve always would want to face a challenge. Every major program at any college would want to admit an incoming student who genuinely wants to attend a particular program. Furthermore, there’s software development and engineering that also requires vigorous mental skills.
Computer science is one of the fields where it’s basically impossible to predict the next outcome.

This is the reason we can’t begin to visualize the ways you can contribute to the world and make your life’s work exciting and concrete!

What I’ve learned in my classes so far in college

So far at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, I’ve managed to stay in the zone. Unlike high school, college gives you an opportunity to feel independent where you can feel some freedom away from your parents, until you need money. There’s more responsibility for yourself, which makes college more challenging so you can become more proactive. MCTC has opened doors for me where I feel confident due to supportive resources such as my professors, who’ve expected highly of me each day, and learning to be more methodical when homework is given immediately. The things I’ve liked and learned in my classes so far are that my professors are indeed approachable, and learning that homework shouldn’t be placed aside despite having a flexible weekly schedule.

I was feeling tense before starting college due to some stories I’ve heard about professors; but in reality they’re just mentors who want you to succeed. Usually I’m close-minded when it comes to intimidating instructors. I would rather do things on my own than seeking help. Then there’s the fact that I’m naturally shy. During my first week of college, the professors I have are very enthusiastic, and show passion where they encourage students to learn. For instance, my Algebra Professor, who’s name is Liu Lianfang, does a lot to make sure we get the content she’s teaching. She would go over anything we would need help with in detail. Also we have this class page called MyMathLab, from Pearson, where we can get additional help from instructor videos and use PowerPoint’s. Though there’s many sources involving my Algebra class website I still manage to meet with my Professor at her office hour so I can get the chance to know her more, and get some help on a couple of things the videos don’t cover. She was willing to help me anyway she can. I also asked more questions from the textbook where we really got to know each other. I was very happy when I met with her because we had a test later the 3rd week of school where I scored a 92% on my test, which was the highest in the class. After knowing my Professor, I don’t have any fears visiting my professors during their office hours.

College homework has been very thorough where I have provided a lot of time for myself to complete it. Getting a good grade might seem simple, but it really depends on how well you do your homework and assignments. Knowledge is power. I always go to the MCTC Library to finish up any assignments, and read my textbooks or review any handouts for lectures. It’s very refreshing that I learn so much when I start on my assignments sooner rather than later since I’m able to understand what my professors are talking about in lectures. I’ve been placing my brain into practice where I’m more open-minded, and participate in class. I’ve been avoiding the dangers of skipping homework since it’ll place me into a bad position. So far I’m passing all of my classes.

College has been insightful and great. I’ve learned a lot more about myself where I’m more driven. This is just the beginning. I’m really starting to think about my future in the business world where I’m on the lookout for role models and always being more open to my professors. During high school I really thought that I was stressed, until I came to college. I’ve learned to manage my stress by taking advantage of the times I don’t have class so I can do homework where doing it at home won’t be so difficult. Hopefully I’ll maintain my current pace since I’m entering the middle of the semester where things will get harder.

Once in a lifetime: College expectations

My High School days are behind me as I make this exciting transition towards a whole new atmosphere. I’ve became an adult where college will be a big step for me in terms of managing my time, money, and work. I’ll be attending Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) this fall. Preparing for college is a lesson best learned backwards. Research the basics of the college towards the extent of getting the idea of how things work daily, including going on tours. Don’t just try to go there because of population, popularity of sports (teams on television: Big Ten Network), or the liking of food from touring. You want to get out of college from what you put in to succeed. College isn’t a game. You’re old enough to manage your time wisely using common sense. As the summer is beginning to tick away, I want to discuss the qualities and expectations that I’ll be looking for in this coming fall semester.

What I’ll be looking for at MCTC is developing a relationship with my professors! It has always been crucial for me to have a great relationship with my teachers so my school experience can go a lot smoother. The courses at MCTC will be more vigorous where I want to stay alerted and flexible. Professors play a very significant role in student development throughout the formal schooling experience. The professors have the unique opportunity to support students academically, and even through social development. Teachers and professors who support their students in learning environments can positively impact their academic and social outcomes, which will be very important in terms of employment. I’ll also be a part of the Power of You program at MCTC, which will be a source to assist me in my academics. I was happy that I was given the opportunity to apply for this program.

Another thing that will be important for me is class sample size. I know through high school classes were either small (15 students) or big (30+ students). Hearing that there could be classes where there are 50+ students is quite a weakness considering that I’m not accustomed with big classes. Bigger classes usually have teachers helping more kids to the extent that they aren’t going to get to everyone. I’ll just try the best I can to pay attention during fast-paced lectures, and of course take advantage of spare time to interact with my professors. So my point is, I know that I have to get accommodate myself with bigger classes. There are always new things you experience every day.

Essentially, financial aid is very important since college is very expensive these days. For some, including myself, it’s a blessing to have aid since college isn’t affordable. It’s simple to apply for, although you may need parental guidance to be on the safe side. Even though I’ll be going to a community college, when I transfer to the University of Minnesota I’ll be able to get much needed financial aid (FAFSA). Financial aid is a good vital source since it’s accessible to items I’ll need for the school year such as textbooks and other various supplies.

Business preparation is ideal for me considering the that it could be another possible major I could take when I transfer to the University of Minnesota. Business preparation can also develop my current leadership skills in which I can get used to talking to new people and teach them unique things. Considering that I strive in organization, excellence, determination, and integrity, business planning is extremely intriguing.

College will be a big step for me as I take on many responsibilities. I’m looking forward to meeting my new professors where they’ll teach me the tools to enhance my skills in this diverse world. There will be obstacles sure, but the fact that college can develop me into a more well-rounded person is the key to success. These type of experiences and opportunities are too good to pass up.