Once in a lifetime: College expectations

My High School days are behind me as I make this exciting transition towards a whole new atmosphere. I’ve became an adult where college will be a big step for me in terms of managing my time, money, and work. I’ll be attending Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) this fall. Preparing for college is a lesson best learned backwards. Research the basics of the college towards the extent of getting the idea of how things work daily, including going on tours. Don’t just try to go there because of population, popularity of sports (teams on television: Big Ten Network), or the liking of food from touring. You want to get out of college from what you put in to succeed. College isn’t a game. You’re old enough to manage your time wisely using common sense. As the summer is beginning to tick away, I want to discuss the qualities and expectations that I’ll be looking for in this coming fall semester.

What I’ll be looking for at MCTC is developing a relationship with my professors! It has always been crucial for me to have a great relationship with my teachers so my school experience can go a lot smoother. The courses at MCTC will be more vigorous where I want to stay alerted and flexible. Professors play a very significant role in student development throughout the formal schooling experience. The professors have the unique opportunity to support students academically, and even through social development. Teachers and professors who support their students in learning environments can positively impact their academic and social outcomes, which will be very important in terms of employment. I’ll also be a part of the Power of You program at MCTC, which will be a source to assist me in my academics. I was happy that I was given the opportunity to apply for this program.

Another thing that will be important for me is class sample size. I know through high school classes were either small (15 students) or big (30+ students). Hearing that there could be classes where there are 50+ students is quite a weakness considering that I’m not accustomed with big classes. Bigger classes usually have teachers helping more kids to the extent that they aren’t going to get to everyone. I’ll just try the best I can to pay attention during fast-paced lectures, and of course take advantage of spare time to interact with my professors. So my point is, I know that I have to get accommodate myself with bigger classes. There are always new things you experience every day.

Essentially, financial aid is very important since college is very expensive these days. For some, including myself, it’s a blessing to have aid since college isn’t affordable. It’s simple to apply for, although you may need parental guidance to be on the safe side. Even though I’ll be going to a community college, when I transfer to the University of Minnesota I’ll be able to get much needed financial aid (FAFSA). Financial aid is a good vital source since it’s accessible to items I’ll need for the school year such as textbooks and other various supplies.

Business preparation is ideal for me considering the that it could be another possible major I could take when I transfer to the University of Minnesota. Business preparation can also develop my current leadership skills in which I can get used to talking to new people and teach them unique things. Considering that I strive in organization, excellence, determination, and integrity, business planning is extremely intriguing.

College will be a big step for me as I take on many responsibilities. I’m looking forward to meeting my new professors where they’ll teach me the tools to enhance my skills in this diverse world. There will be obstacles sure, but the fact that college can develop me into a more well-rounded person is the key to success. These type of experiences and opportunities are too good to pass up.