Pleased with myself

I know that it’s been at least a week ever since the blog was due, but I didn’t have anything to talk about because I wanted to wait until I was finished with all of my classes to reflect on this semester. Even though I still have to attend school because of my tutoring job, this semester was a semester that was more of an eye-opener for me where I feel a lot more comfortable about my future going forward.

There’s a lot to look back on this semester from beginning to now. I believe that I have truly grew as a person where I feel more determined and ready for any kind of challenge with the power of perserverance and what I learned from my stress management health class. Next semester will be my last at MCTC where a lot has happened from semester 1 to now. Throughout my journey I genuinely feel my self-esteem and confidence going from a 7 to a 9 on my scale from 1-10. My progression in terms of going an extra mile in terms of effort in my studies has gone really good as I feel that I will end my time at MCTC with a bang.

Honeslty there have been times where I have felt worn out because of how much I would push myself beyond my comfort zone. It was tiring, but a good experience in terms of growing. I’m happy that I can use techniques to better my mental and physical health. I’m planning to use informal exercising practices as a way to do that. So from the last sentence I do receommend students to take a health stress management class along with people (non-college students/older adults) taking times out of their day to do a little physical exercise. I’m just going to say this again that if it wasn’t for the health class I wouldn’t have had the endurance to execute my studies to my highest ability.

I know that I can say that next semester will be my best because of me graduating, but this semester was the best of me of not being afraid to perform to my fullest potential along with not being afraid to take on bigger challenges. I’m just happy that we can be placed in certain situations where we can grow instead of worrying about if we’re going to make it or not since that was a problem for me in the past. Tutoring also took a factor in it as well.


Doing just fine

It’s pretty much the middle of the fall semester where I’m halfway done with my 5th semester at MCTC. Usually around this time, from my past blogs, I would talk about how much I’m stressing over a certain class where I’m overwhelmed and want to drop out. However, that isn’t the story at all this time. I’m in a very good place where I should get through this semester successfully and smoothly.

I’ve got one class to thank for guiding me to become more stress free. I’m taking a stress management health class this semester which has helped me think differently instead of always reverting to think negatively. We would do meditations and practices where we would acknowledge about whatever is bothering us to let it be, and then when we do we should come back to the present and focus on our current task. I wasn’t feeling it at first, but the more we did them I tried doing them individually as my approach. Then of course we would have to fill out logs as homework assignments.

When taking on these practices individually the result would have me being less stressed during my everyday life with tasks. Usually I would think about a lot to get done, but being in the mindset of focusing on one thing while the other tasks will get done eventually because of myself being reliable has helped me to get through the semester better. This has resulted me into staying on my high horse as I’ve been doing great in all of my classes.

Overall, I believe the challenge I took on is stepping out of my comfort zone of always overwhelming myself where I would get stressed and sometimes complain. Instead of doing this I think with more of an open mind of organizing my time to get things done which has worked in my favor. Also when I’m not tutoring students in the learning center I will complete my tasks in my spare time leaving more time for me to simply relax without having any worries. I feel more healthy mentally!


I’ve started my final year at MCTC, and I’ve been fairly busy. From being into the books along with finding a new job. Things have been stable for the most part. There have been some moments of stress, but they have been overthrown by resiliency. I’m making baby steps towards my career path.

I’ve finally got a new job where I’ll be a math tutor in MCTC’s Learning Center. The weird thing about it is that I haven’t really thought about much of being a tutor as I was thinking about other jobs outside of school. but I could see how tutoring was linked towards my career path of working with children in mathematics as a community worker. I’ll be starting this week as I’m very excited!

I have also been making a push in telling more people about my career interest as I attended the college fair at my school this past week. I went to Metropolitan State’s table where that will be the school I want to attend next fall. I asked about their math program and told them why I want to go into math. Let’s just say they’ve told me I can meet them at any time to talk more about enrolling, etc.

I’m curious of where the math tutoring job will guide me towards to. I’m ready for the challenge to flourish my communication skills so I can take more steps to accomplish my dream. I’m even comfortable as I have a good support system!

May blog

This blog may sound a bit cliche, but getting through all of my obstacles was the best thing that has ever happened to me! I finished my second year at MCTC with two A’s and two C’s which I didn’t believe I was going to get. Dealing with work along with the workload of school made me feel even stronger.

It’s been a tough, but good 2nd year for me. I received more experience, and I have gotten closer with my advisor where I feel I can go to her for anything. Also I love the fact I have good relationships with the teachers I have because I didn’t think my biology teacher would trim his grading a bit to make sure I can still maintain a good grade. That taught me to always stay a good student no matter what because you can be rewarded no matter the circumstance.

Here I am preparing for my 3rd year of college on a good note where I feel at ease knowing that I’ll be alright. I’m still focusing on what I want to do as a career because I actually have a good plan of what I want to do. Of course I’m still going to focus on my studies to see if any new interests come my way.

April blog

Here’s a month where I was finding myself overwhelmed and freaking out. With me being overloaded with big assignments and work hours I thought I didn’t find myself capable of getting through the semester.

My biology class was really the class that had me anxious overall because even though it was an introductory biology class it felt like a principles biology class of some sort. I say this because we would always have an exam every 2 1/2-3 weeks where we would have lectures on 3-5 long chapters per lecture for an exam. It would be frustrating because I have to deal with other various things such as work and of course trying to make sure I do good in my other classes. I didn’t do well on the exams as I wanted too where this made me feel even more worried.

One day when my English teacher said tomorrow will be the last day to withdraw from classes I immediately thought this would be the opportunity for me to try to drop out of biology to avoid getting a bad grade on my transcript. However, before I attempted to do so I went to visit my advisor first to tell her about it. My advisor replied with telling me the effect of withdrawing and of course seeing my instructor first for my reason of withdrawing. When she was telling me all of this I wanted to say “I’m fine with that sacrifice”, but I did realize that financial aid money isn’t something to waste. Then my advisor wanted to go online to check my grades, and to see how my teacher grades. When we saw how my professor grades she says that it’s not so bad since a percentage of 63% or higher is considered passing on a test. Then when we went to my calculated grade so far I was at 71% which is passing. When she saw that she told me not to withdraw along with me knowing that I was over dramatic.

The next day I went to my biology professor’s office hour to talk to him about my situation. He understood and told me what I was going through was completely normal. He told me not to discourage myself because I’m one of his best students, and that grades don’t determine that. He also told me that he trimmed his grading a bit because he would see some students not getting the grade they would want but also putting the work into it. I felt a lot better about passing my biology class. So he told me if I had any questions, when I have the actual time, then I can come in. After that I felt great.

This is a lesson for me when I get over dramatic. I should perhaps think more than doing or assuming.

March blog

In my English class we were doing workshops for our research essays. The workshops were led by a facilitator who was in charge of making sure the class was quiet while the reader was reading their essay, and of course leading feedback discussions. Then there was a reader who was in charge of reading their essay to the class. There were 2 readers actually on most days to make things go faster. My teacher didn’t participate. It was up to us.

These workshops have helped me see research differently and has helped me think about my own essay as well. After listening to future considerations by my teacher it really helped me see how I can make my essay better. We even got to type critical responses for each other’s essay as well in terms of giving feedback by answering the questions given to us. Looking at what my classmates wrote for me was helpful.

I didn’t think we were going to have the kind of workshops we had, but I’m happy that we did because it made writing my essay a lot more easier. Also these workshops have improved my peer editing skills which were kind of a problem in the beginning because I don’t like to interact much with other students about essays. I would rather have my teacher grade my paper and be done.

Sorry that this blog was pretty short, but I did want to share about the highlight we were doing in my English class. These workshops has helped me give constructive feedback on my peers’ essays. This is a good preparation for my math major if I’d have to write an argumentative research essay.

February Blog Post

I know this blog post is going to be similar to my last blog post from last month, but it’s pretty much this time is about balancing my weekly schedule. So I hope I won’t be repeating myself too much. Lately I’ve been struggling with trying to balance everything such as work, school, and try to get a good night’s sleep along with taking care of other responsibilities as I’m turning into a fully grown adult. There have been days where I felt overwhelmed and sometimes discouraged, but there’s been some days I’ve felt good about myself knowing that I am capable of doing this. I just know right now that this is a growing process for me.

I was able to go in and see my adviser last week as she was able to give me good advice on how to balance my schedule out during the day, and some of the advice she gave me I’m going to take into consideration. Usually when I take the bus to work and school there will be times where I’ll do some of my homework on the bus just to get my day started along with staying focus. It’s better than going on social media sites that would distract my brain since I’m prone to procrastinating, and I do admit I like to pull out a book and read it and puts me in a deeper state of mind of focusing. By the way the book is for a research paper, but reading keeps me engaged when I want to get away from things.

After work I would take out some more homework material and do a little homework on the bus until I get off the bus. When I get home balancing concerns comes into play because when I come home from work I’m usually exhausted as I don’t feel like doing anything. Mostly I’ll just sit, relax, and watch the Minnesota Wild game sometimes. After the games I like to do a little more homework just to get some homework done so I won’t try to feel too overwhelmed the next day. This is what’s happening with me for a few weeks and now I’m on spring break.

I’m really thinking about my second half of my spring break as I want to succeed in this semester. I think it’s really going to come down to sometimes eliminating TV, or eliminating some of social media every now and then to really keep my mind focus at home once I come home from work because that’s where I’m the most vulnerable to procrastinating. It would be nice to stay on campus after my classes are over just to say in my focus mindset to do some homework while I don’t have work. Although, I have a dog to take care of where I have to attend to him which makes things a little more difficult. So I’m trying to be more organized in the second half of my semester by having a planner with me to try to organize my schedule a lot better so I won’t feel so overwhelmed, and I can get things done either ahead of time or on time.

Overall I feel that I’m still doing well in school. I need to do a better job balancing my schedule throughout the week, and even the day as well. I’m just happy that this is the growing process for me while I’m in college as this is normal. I would be happy to receive more advice and tips.