Wanting to change myself for the better of my life

I’m taking a different approach in this blog. Usually you would be used to reading either how school’s been going for me or how my work life has been going. Well I’m not going to talk about that today. My blog still has something to do with myself, but I want to reach out towards my health so I can work and fight for what I want and need.

We’ve all been there in our lives when it came to talking about losing weight and eating healthy. Lately I’ve been watching random videos on YouTube so I can take care of my boredom, but what I’ve been noticing is that they’ve all been weight losing videos. So I have noticed a reoccurring pattern in the past few days. So there’s definitely a message behind all this. I know that plenty of times I’ve been wanting to lose weight, but I have failed to do so.

On one video an entrepreneur on one of Steve Harvey’s shows said that losing weight is all MENTAL along with DIET. 10% is exercise and 90% is diet. You cannot beat a bad diet when losing weight because no matter how much you exercise you won’t lose the weight. On the mental side of things it was mentioned that patience is part of the mental state of losing weight. It’s more about the journey than the destination. I have really been looking at things differently than I did a few months ago. I noticed how things are changing around me where I truly want to motivate myself to become stronger everyday so I can be prepared for whatever change is going to come.

I was also inspired by this video I watched on YouTube titled “Vance’s incredible 365-day transformation will blow you away” where I was really inspired emotionally this man. Every aspect of the video was something to take note of. Whether if it was process or the change in his approach he seemed to have a sacrificial willingness to keep up the hard work. I mentioned sacrificial willingness because I think these two words together are very important because when it comes to dieting most people don’t take both words into consideration when it comes to dieting which is why we don’t see weight loss. This takes time to develop to me where everything is not going to happen overnight.

Why is this so important to me? Well the point of this blog was to speak on the fact that life is too short for it to go to waste. Not to mention you only live once in your life. Once that’s gone that’s it. I have a new approach when I begin my process of losing weight. I’m going to focus on just dieting for a while where the exercise will come in later. Changing your diet is the hardest aspect of losing weight. I think the exercise is a little less complicated once you get the hang of being on a good diet. I’m going to start this approach and write a future blog on the process of my weight loss. Hopefully this blog can inspire people to think a little deeper about their lives because I think we take out lives for granted sometimes. I can admit this too. I’m not perfect. Anyways, thanks for reading as I love share things with you guys.

P.s. Please watch the Vance’s video. It was awesome!


It’s Happening!!

I know you guys have been missing my post so far this month. The truth is I wanted to truly wait for something to happen where I can have something to write about that happened recently. Even though I was going to get my Feb. blog up I wanted to tell you guys exciting news!

The exciting news is that I was able to pursue a job at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport where I’ll be finally working for my first apartment! I couldn’t be more proud of myself and my journey that I took to get to where I need to be! Even though I’m going to be working at 4am, full-time, it’s going to be worth it since both school and work won’t be much of a problem and that I can accomplish both of my goals! So this is truly a blessing!

Other than the good news happening things are going pretty much as expected at school as my Calculus 2 class is kind of a hassle which I already had a good idea. It’s becoming so much of a hassle where I feel like kind of changing my career path, but staying in the same major which I what I’ll be talking about in my next blog. So stay tuned for that.

I know this blog was pretty short, but I wanted to write something worth writing so you guys can still see how my journey’s been going! I wasn’t going to write about how I’ve been enduring this horrible winter. Because we’re all going through the same struggle. Hopefully this winter can die down so we can be free!

The end of a great chapter; Next chapter will be even better

It’s the end of the year! I can really look back at this year as it went by super quick. When it came to being exposed to new experiences, obstacles, and victories I’d say everything finished the way it was suppose to thanks to having a great stroke of faith and good composure. I just know 2019 will be a whole new year of the same battles for me, but I will have more growth.

I have really been focusing on resetting myself and having a peace of mind by dedicating myself more to my family and away from everything else. I’m truly taking advantage of this break to rest. Why not try to rest after grinding it out from work and school? By the way I finished with straight A’s. My calculus final was tough as I took me a whole 3 hours to complete as there were a few questions based on topics I didn’t really have a great strength in. I thought I would do decent, but the fact I got an 88% showed how much I have grew and how much I believed in myself! It brings me excitement for the next challenge!

I have so much ahead of me it can feel overwhelming. However, it makes me more comfortable since I have eliminated distractions and people who weren’t really there for me in the beginning. Once you eliminate negative energy you can have a strong outlook and a clear mind for what’s next to come in your journey.

A new year will bring nothing but good vibes either in the good or bad. The more I take everything a day at a time the more content I will be for the hardships that will come along the way. I just have to deal with this hardship right now of having a stomach bug, but I still stand strong!

The end is near

The end of the semester is already coming as finals week starts this Monday! It’s truly crazy. I’m already done with my Statistics 1 class which went by well for me as I did well on the final. So I have 2 classes remaining. I’m just preparing for the last week. The big cheese that I’m focusing on is my final in my Calculus 1 class which is very important, and has been the most important class all semester to me. At the end of the day I truly hope my grades will reflect that.

I’m very glad this semester is coming to an end where I can enjoy a great, much needed break, but also it was a good learning experience for me where even though I went through hell I was able to brush it off and move on to complete my progress. This semester has prepared me for what’s to come next.

Speaking of what’s coming next I will be strictly focusing on my major next semester as I will be taking 12 credits again. I know all of my classes will be math related, but I know it will be a level up as I move up in my college career. I’ll be taking Calculus 2 which I heard is very tough. Analysis of Variance and Multivariate Analysis is the next class I’ll be taking which consists of statistics mainly. Then Environmental Statistics is the 3rd and final class I’ll be taking. The good thing is however I’ll have the same instructor from my Statistics class who I was very cool with. All in all, next semester will be an ear full, but that’s next semester. I’m just focus on my break!

Other things I’m doing is focusing on is saving for my apartment which I’m planning to move when school lets out for the summer in May. I have been very bold in building up my credit thanks to paying off my credit card on time, taking some money and moving it to a savings account, and looking for places. So I’ve been focusing on acheiving more of my goals.

I don’t necesaarily have anyhting else planned really. Spending time with family is enough for me whether if it’s just talking to them or even having company. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday break.

Being happy where I’m at

It’s truly crazy of how much a month went by. Last time I made a blog I talked about the unusual which I felt was something I needed to release. In your darkest times I truly believe that talking about it is the recipe for turning things around. Things have turned around for me which has been a humbling experience.

I even feel humble while typing this blog. My state of mind in all aspects feels stronger as I’m preparing to endure the next levels that are entering in my life. There will be more dark times, but it’s the strength, determination, wisdom, and most importantly the faith that will help overcome those obstacles because it does take a village to keep you going.

On my off time (like I barley have any off time) I like to watch other people accomplish great things for not only them, but for others. Watching these videos have also been a great influence on me to let me know I’m doing the right thing by staying humble in this stage of my life because there are great things that are coming for me.

Nothing big has really happened to me yet, but it’s really about the little things and adjustments that need to happen in order for the bigger things in life to happen so you can have a breakthrough. No matter what it takes you got to stay still and let things fall into place. I really love writing for you all because every time I do I experience something new that I get to share with you all!

Best wishes to everyone!

Keeping it real

This blog is going to be a different from you’re used to reading. Usually I would blog about mostly anything about what’s going on with me especially school, but there have been times where I haven’t felt like my usual self which I’m trying to take better care of myself. First things first, it’s nice to be able to blog again after a long and brief summer so each of you can see how things are going or what new experiences I have encountered. Well this new experience I encountered isn’t going to be peaches and cream. As my title says “Keeping it real” I’ll truly tell you what’s been going on with me.

Everything’s been the same as I have the same expectations. Working and going to school while trying to maintain good performance throughout my classes. I’m currently working at the Hy-Vee that recently opened in Robbinsdale, if you want to check it out. Great store! I’m trying to do good things for myself as I’m at the mature age where I’m good with managing my finances and responsibilities which I’m trying to build up my credit to move into an apartment. If I have to wake up at 5am in the morning and work 8 hours to get things done I’m of course willing to do that. Then of course school comes next which I would go to my evening classes after completing my daily tasks. As an everyday task every adult goes through (at least younger adults like myself) what exactly is the problem?

Of course I’m someone, again, who likes to be on top of everything no matter what it is. However, this past weekend gave me an eye opener on how to remind myself that I’m only human as I don’t ALWAYS have to over exert myself, but do the best I can. Lately I have been having migraines which I’ve been stressed out. I would take medicine, eat, and drink my fluids, but nothing seemed to work. I would still kind of brush it off as it was normal and continued on with my life and routines, but this past Saturday night was a night I’ll never forget. On that night I had a stress attack which my body and head was in so much pain I could barley move. All I could do was lay down and try to go to sleep, but the pain was so bad I felt nauseous where I swear I was going to throw up. Thankfully I didn’t. Nothing escalated as I was able to fall asleep instead of taking a trip to the emergency room. I’m alright for now, but this was a clear message that I need to take better care of myself and that we’re not perfect. This was a scary moment for me because it never happened to me before. It’s like you never imagine it happening to you.

I’m thinking about seeing a doctor to see why I’ve been abnormal lately. Of course I would need to do a better job of consuming better foods and liquids. Things are going fine with school. It’s just a matter of finding a balance with everything as I already know the reality of life. Sometimes I don’t really tell anybody, but lately I have brought this to the attention of my family.

I know this blog is a bit late, but I wanted to address something important that has been going on with me instead of writing the ordinary as if I’m pretending like everything’s fine when it isn’t. I feel like if I can tell my family what’s going on I can tell my Concord family too. I encourage everyone, who’s a Concord student, to not be afraid of letting others know of what’s going on with you because life’s a roller coaster. It may not be a big deal to some, but to me writing this blog made me feel better as I feel that I’m going to make it out the semester fine.


Another chapter has ended

I’m offically done with all of my classes and done at Minneapolis Community and Technical College as I graduate on May 14th. After that I will offcially be moving on to Metropolitan State University as the real test begins. I’ll be entering my major in mathematics where I want to be someone who can transform their community. However, this isn’t going to be about what’s going to happen at Metropolitan as that will be in a future blog. This blog is primarily about looking back at the very first day I started at MCTC to now where I have been through a tremendous journey as I feel prepared to take the next step.

Tremendous usually refers in excellence where good only occurs. However, the journey I’ve been through was good and bad considering of how many obstacles I have faced. I honeslty feel stronger now than I felt when I first started. To be honest college has developed me into having a growth mindset which was a factor needed to help prepare me for when I move up in school. The growth mindset helped me humble myself more where I acknowledge that it’s good to make mistakes in order to succeed because there’s no such thing as perfect success. Only broken success.

Based on what was written in my past blogs they were all real life-changing experiences for me during my journey through 3 years at MCTC. All I know is that this won’t be the end of my obstacle written journey because there will be more waiting for me at Metropolitan as well as the rest of my life. It’s just a matter of acknowledging them along with how I will handle them because the main thing when it comes to success is failure where I have been training myself to embrace failure more often when it happens instead of avoiding it.